Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Cherokee "Reservation"

This morning we all had to get up bright and early, have breakfast by 6:30, and then head out to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park - Cherokee "Reservation" area. (I put reservation in quotes because that's really not the term that is used today.)
I have been fighting my sinuses since I've been out here and today they really were a nuisance, but I pushed through the best I could, tried to speak to those "morning people" before loading the van, and made the best of my morning.

The purpose of this morning photography shoot was to capture elements light fog and dewdrops in pictures and just to see the difference the light plays on nature. We also left so early so that we could beat the tourists who were destined to get in the way of our shots.

I enjoyed being out there this morning. I learned how to create a starburst with the sunlight and how to create this "cotton candy" look on the water. I used my digital camera intermitently because I wanted some instant gratification. I have got to find another tripod release plate because unscrewing it to put it on a different camera is truly a pain.

While at the reservation area, I met a retired teacher from Kansas who asked me questions about all these "photographers" out there. After chatting with her for a little while, she gave me a wealth of information on how I can see the world on someone else's dime. She even gave me her email address so that if I decide to write a grant for travel purposes, she could edit it for me. I really believe that people do not meet by chance, but rather by design.

Lunch was at a nearby park and it was wonderful. I was too tired to photograph that, but I'll tell you what I had: tuna salad with lettuce and baby swiss cheese on pita bread and hummus with corn chips. For dessert, I ate a cookie made by one of the photographers. It was an oatmeal cookie with butterscotch chips and nuts. All of it was really good.

As promised, here are a couple of shots from this morning's shoot:


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