Grassy Creek I

We got our film prints back from our morning shoot on the way to Grassy Creek. There were a lot more pictures from this batch that I liked than from yesterday's. At the Cherokee Reservation, I was focusing on techniques like the starburst, alternating depth of field in bracketed images, and some closeups. At Grassy Creek, I focused more on creating silhouettes.

We were forewarned that we could encounter all kinds of dangerous things like copperhead snakes, poison ivy and poison oak, and ticks. I really wasn't in the mood for all of that so I stayed in and around the cabins. Actually I didn't go very far and I used up a 36-exposure roll of film. Like I mentioned earlier, my focus was entirely different from that of the Cherokee Reservation. Since I knew that we would be coming back to Grassy Creek tomorrow morning, I wanted to capture the effects of the light on the inside of the buildings.

For one shot I had to wait for almost 15 minutes until someone out in the field would move because I could see that pink shirt in the background of the image I was creating on the inside of the house. I hope that picture turns out great. In case it doesn't, I'll let you in on what I was trying to do. I created a vertical image with a panel of the curtain on the left side of the image and a portion of a table lamp on the right. I metered the light outside the window, so the items in the house would appear in silhouette form. We'll see on tomorrow morning when I get my film if it worked. Let's cross our fingers.

Dinner at Grassy Creek was pretty good. The folks that live in the western part of NC were raving about the barbecue; I thought it was okay, but I like the way those in eastern NC fix theirs. The Vidalia onion casserole was outstanding. I give it 5 stars! There was also barbecued chicken, baked beans, and apple cobbler. We sure won't starve out here.

I did take some images with my digital camera, but I'll upload them later. Tomorrow is another early shoot. We go back to Grassy Creek and then later in the day, we have to analyze all of our images and choose the best one for a slide presentation. That should be fun. I want to see what other people thought were interesting and what I possibly overlooked.


  1. Reading your post on running I laughed too hard. Like I said, do your hill training for your intervals or else :-). Chances are now that you are paying attention to your form you may notice your lower back as well as your abs starting to hum a bit... This is normal... Also, enjoyed looking at the photos of especially the one of the blades of grass. Next time, see if you are able to zoom in a little closer so that you are able to get the one drop on the one blade. This may sound a bit cliche but, your picture strangely does tell a story. Its just a matter the angle, the zoom, and even the filter which provide the text of the story. Keep up the good work.


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