Get the Picture: The Math, Science, and Art of Photography

I'm in the mountains of NC in what I already believe will be an extremely amazing photography workshop. It's a 5 day session and our instructors will be two freelance photographers: Cub and Pat. Cub's specialty is nature photography and he even has a book out that we get to keep! Pat specializes in agriculture in the piedmont region of NC.

We basically had a meet-and-greet session and explored the grounds at this facility which was originally Cherokee winter grounds. (From what I understand, the Cherokee people used to come here on this little plot of land during the winter because it actually doesn't snow in this spot. Later they donated this land to NC as a place for professional development for teachers. Each building has a Cherokee name.)

After dinner tonight, we'll begin our first real session and it's about the use of tripods in nature photography and probably some more. In the morning will be the real grunt work in learning about the manual features of the camera. I'm really pleased about that.

Although we'll be working with film cameras, we're supposed to get digital images of our prints as well. I would be disappointed if I couldn't share at least some of what I'm learning here at this place.

Until then....


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