Daddy to the Rescue

This blog will be brief since there is a terrible thunderstorm going on as I write, but I wanted to let you know about my morning jog. We did go out again today and completed Day 2 of Week 4. Half of our jog was completed on the track we normally use, but those workers came out earlier today than they normally do and since we had already begun our program, we shifted to another part of the grounds so that we couldn't be seen. I hate exercising in front of strangers. Anyways, we did complete Day 2 and I felt great.

I have noticed some changes in my lower legs and my arms. Yesterday, my dad was like, "Yep, you're getting there!" One of my concerns is that one leg seems to be getting firmer faster than the other. One feels like it's really working out and the other feels like it's just along for the ride. My dad said that one foot steps down and the other pushes off, which makes it do a little bit of a harder job; therefore making it a stronger leg. Oddly enough, it's my left leg and not my right one that 's doing that. Maybe I should start off on a different foot. Anyways, Dad said that I probably should shift my weight and that might help. One of those mornings, he says he'll come out and watch me jog. Then he can tell me about my form and give me some pointers. Can't you tell I'm a Daddy's Girl?!


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