Celebrate the Small Stuff

Yeah! I've completed my morning walk/run routine and that is the end of Week 1 of this 8-week program. I'm exciting about that. My neighbor and I noticed this morning how each day we've been finishing further down the track. That must count for something, right? Next week's workout steps it up a little, but I think we'll be able to handle the challenge.

When I got back home, I tended to my small garden. I hope that thing grows. I've done all that I can and I will continue to water it but it sure would be nice to see signs of the fruits of my labor. It's taken a lot of work just to keep the rabbits and deer away. Last night I saw a huge deer in my front yard and this morning there were four rabbits in my yard. I'm determined that they won't have what I believe is rightfully mine - if the garden will produce something.

Well, like I said, I've done what I can and now I'm off to make breakfast and get ready for our family trip. What started out being a 4th of July cookout celebration has now just turned into a family dinner and on Saturday we will have the funeral services for my cousin. So, I'm off to get packed and ready to travel...

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