A bit about form...

Again, while at my aunt's house this weekend, I mentioned to her how I needed to improve my form while running. And she, a runner and physical therapist, was overjoyed to show me how I needed to make corrections in my posture and my steps. It's a good thing no unannounced visitors were peeking through the glass panes at the front of their house, because they may have been a bit confused with two women "walking/running on eggshells" (as my aunt would say) across the foyer! She walked/ran with me and then she watched me, like a caring instructor should, and gave me pointers along the way.

Now, my aunt wants me to think about training with her for a half-marathon sponsored by the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society at the end of the year. I know I'm not ready now...but I'll give it some thought. It is for a good cause....


  1. I'm happy you are working out! Funny I just starting working out this week and with my own "free" personal trainer. Good Luck and hope you acheive all or your goals!



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