Better Late than Never

I've been working hard each morning at my job - although off the clock. I'm moving to another location at my job and I don't want to be caught up in the hustle and bustle when all the other employees arrive so that means that I've got to put in some extra time off the clock. But it's worth it.

When I got back home, I had to take a little peek at my garden. We've been having some really terrible thunderstorms for the last couple of days, but the rain that comes with it is much needed, so you won't hear me complaining. I'm just staying away from running water and unplugging my appliances. Anyways, I was pleased that I had to shoo through a couple of bees to see my produce. That's definitely a good sign.

The cucumber leaves have started spreading. A few of them have decided to run up along the backside of the fence (a.k.a. dog pen). Yeah - less bending down for me. The cucumbers have started producing a lot of yellow flowers, so that must mean more cucs than I can imagine. Let me see how many ways I can use cucumbers....tossed salad, cucs sliced in vinegar and black pepper (the Southern American way), cucs sliced in lime juice and salt (the El Salvadorian way), cucs peeled and eaten like carrots....Tons of ways that I'll be sure to explore.

I also noticed that the squash plants are doing a lot better. Some baby squash I see have not made it, but with any gardening process, there's always a portion that's lost. I'll just be thankful for what I can get. Just like with the cucumbers, I've noticed some yellow flowers as well. You know as well as I know what that means....sautéed squash, squash casserole, squash medley... You get the picture!

I'm just glad to see that nature is on course. The bees are doing their jobs, there's good ol' fashioned rain, and the plants have finally starting adjusting to their new homes in the ground. I know many others may have crops that are and have been abounding for weeks now, but like the old adage says, "Better late than never!"


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