Friday's Feature: Tabitha Boone

Meet Tabitha Boone.

AE:  Who are you and what is it that you do/make?    
TB:  Tabitha Boone aka Taboo: Business name Sotaboo meaning "so unique and different".

AE:  How did you get started/What is the motivation behind your work?  
TBI love expressing myself through fashion!! I enjoy making unique handbags and accessories.  I started out making trendy clutches to add a personal chic look to complement my attire since 2011. Then my family and friends encouraged me to make bags for them and I decided to share my gift with others. The expression of love for my work motivates me to continue designing and sewing. 

AE:  Where can we find your work? 
TBOn-line, Facebook, and Instagram 

AE:  What is your website/contact information? 
TB: and

I was recently able to see Tabitha's creations first-hand.  I am delighted to share her talent with the AEE community.  Please stop by her shop and check out her wonderful creations.   

Peace & Love,

Elizabeth + Tom: Wedded Bliss


Last month I was able to capture the nuptials of Elizabeth and Tom.  The wedding ceremony was an expression of love from close friends and family.  As at 10:00 a.m. ceremony, the bride chose to have a luncheon tea afterwards.  Ladies were encouraged to wear hats.  It was beautiful.


At the reception, the tea, there were all types of sandwiches and condiments, chocolate dipped cookies, hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, pasta salads galore, and since it was a tea, "Governor's Mansion Tea" - all prepared by the bride and her close family and friends.

As a photographer, my goal is always to tell a story with my photographs and my eye is always drawn to the details.  Since the bride chose to utilize items that were very dear to her, like antique brooches, fresh cut hydrangeas, lace, it was easy to do.

The bride made the cake accents herself!  Her best friend made the cake.
Sparkling cider

I am thankful that this couple allowed me the opportunity to capture their special day.

Elizabeth and Tom, I wish you all the best as you unite as one from this day forward.

The Writing Process Blog Tour/Blogland Tour


Hello my readers!  Today I will be participating in the Writing Process Blog Tour.  I was invited to participate by Bonnie of the blog, Revolutionaries.  The purpose of the blog tour is to let you all in on the behind-the-scenes of how bloggers write and come up with their content, etc.  Anyhoo, I'm glad to share my portion with you.  But first, let me introduce you to Bonnie!

Meet Bonnie.

I have enjoyed reading Bonnie's blog, Revolutionaries.  Bonnie is super talented and I love her furniture makeovers.  How cool is it for your DIYs to work for you?  Did I mention that Bonnie also sings backup in two Christian bands?  Way to go, Bonnie!

Bonnie is a craft nerd, musician, writer, furniture and vintage lover, crafter, and diyer living in Georgia! She writes about DIY crafts, furniture redos, craft booth tips, tips for decorating a rental home, music, and her faith on her blog, Revolutionaries. She is also a contributing writer at Crafting a Green World and Feel Good Style. Bonnie's mission is to inspire and encourage others that they can decorate their home with furniture and decor that are beautiful without going broke. She loves to challenge herself to see what she can create with spending little to no money! Often times this means repurposing, upcycling, and rarely buying new. To keep up with all of the awesomeness, you can find Bonnie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Meet Stephanie.

I'm not sure exactly when Stephanie and my paths crossed, but I'm so glad they did.  Stephanie consistantly posts words of encouragement on her blog.  And who doesn't need to hear an encouraging word?  I also enjoy her love for all things feminine and participating in her tea cup exchanges.  Because of her, I have a newfound love for teacups.  I already loved tea.  :-)

Hello Lovelies!
My name is Stephanie and my blog is The Enchanting Rose. 
First and foremost, I am a blessed daughter of the King of kings, 
wife to an amazing man, and mother to a precious son.
My little place consist of crafts, sewing, recipes, hymns, tea cups, 
and sweet encouragement from the Bible.
I'm a lover of all things vintage and beautiful books. 
Roses are my weakness and reading is a pure joy!
Please feel free to come by for a visit
because I love meeting new people and making sweet friends.

As for me....

My Writing Process

**What am I working on/writing?**
Currently, I've got my hands in all kinds of my home.  My summer goal has been to declutter my home and in doing so, I also embarked upon a home office renovation project.  I'm thankful to say that that room is almost complete and I can't wait to show it to you.  As for the decluttering, I think I need a little more time.  :-)

**How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?**

The truth about my blog is that I'm not sure if I fit into a specific genre.  I like sharing what's going on in my world, and that varies.  Sometimes I share recipes, home improvement projects, crafts, my latest photographic endeavors, or just my thoughts.  I tried narrowing down my topics of interest, but I can't.  Initially I had two different blogs, but I realized that they were equal extensions of myself and so I decided to merge them to show you all more of who I am in one space.  (Special thank yous for those of you who have been there from the beginning, through the two blogs, the name change, the url move.  Much appreciated!) 

**Why do I write what I do?**

There's something exciting about the internet in that has the ability to merge people from all over the world who share similar interests.  I love writing my thoughts out, especially online because you can get feedback as opposed to writing in a journal.  The comments you all leave make my day!

**How does my writing process work?**

As you know I do have an organizational problem, so let's be real.  No, I have not been successful at planning out my posts way in advance and scheduling them.  I do schedule posts and it's not uncommon for me to create a week of posts in one sitting and schedule them out.  But for the most part, I write in the moment.  I do that a lot in the summer when I'm off work from my for-pay job.  During the school year, my time is different so that's when you're more likely to see a lull in my blog if I don't schedule or don't have time to take photographs of my dishes (so you never see the recipe) or don't have time for my beloved DIY projects.

Ok, now that you know a little more about how I operate, let me introduce you to one of my blog friends, Yetunde.  To date, Yetunde is the only blog friend that I've actually met in person!  And yes, she's just as amazing in person.  :-)

Meet Yetunde.

Yetunde Rodriguez, is a Graphic Designer and Interior Stylist. She is also the creative mind behind AfroMartha, a lifestyle DIY, Food and Home Decor Blog.  AfroMartha aims to give readers practical solutions to life's little everyday challenges...all on a budget.  AfroMartha's philosophy is simple: anything you want, whether it is a fabulous meal, a beautiful environment, or solutions to storage and organization, can all be had with a few basic skills, and a willingness to be open to creative inspiration. The name 'AfroMartha' is a humorous homage to The Original Martha, the Doyenne of Domesticity, and is also a nod to the creator's African heritage. The blog can be found at