The Tea Tag


Hello lovelies,

I recently participated in a Tea Tag on Youtube and I wanted to share it with you as well.  I'm pretty sure that this tag isn't isolated to the Youtube community so I want to tag each of you tea lovers because I'd love to see your answers.  If you choose to participate, please create your blog post and add it into the link up below.

Here are the questions for the Tea Tag:

1. Hot or cold?
2. Strong or weak?
3. Loose leaf or tea bags?
4. Do you buy your tea out or steep it at home?
5. Favorite cold tea?
6. Favorite hot tea?
7. When do you like to drink your tea?
8. What do you like in your tea? Milk, cream, sugar, etc?
9. Have you always liked tea?
10. What tea do you recommend?
11. Do you have a favorite brand of tea?
12. Least favorite tea?
13. Is there a particular snack you like to eat with your tea?
14. What is your favorite mug?

Plan with Me + an Oops Giveaway!

Hello my lovelies!

Each year I toy over which planner I will invest in.  Once again, I decided to purchase the Erin Condren planner to satisfy my planner needs.  I opted for the vertical layout because I am able to designate each section for different areas of my life.

I don't invest in as much stickers as I did last year, but I do love prettying up my monthly spread.  It's fun, truth-be-told.

Well, for some odd reason, I received an extra planner set identical to what I ordered for myself.  Because of that, I've decided to host an Oops Giveaway!  The giveaway is only open to Youtube subscribers in the U.S. who leave a comment on my Youtube channel to let me know how you would use this planner.  That's it!

Check out my video below to see how I'm using my planner and hopefully you'll be intrigued to subscribe to my Youtube channel, if you're not already subscribed, and of course enter the giveaway.  The more the merrier.  :-)


Giveaway Rules
* Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
** Like this video
*** Leave a comment on my Youtube channel to tell me how you would use this planner

Remember, U.S. addresses only.

The deadline is Monday, March 13, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Good luck and Happy Planning,

Happy Valentine's Day - 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  (Some may also say, Happy Friendship Day!). I'll take that too.

I know that people may celebrate (or not) Valentine's Day in different ways. For some it's the most endearing holiday and for others it is cringe-worthy. I feel neither of those polar-opposite emotions this year. Does that mean I've evolved?  lol . This year I open proclaim my Mom as my boo! Yes.

My Mom has gotten to where she likes exchanging Valentine's Day gifts with me.  I'm not exactly sure when this began, but I noticed it especially after my dad passed.  Before, it was more of a thing between them.  Now, I gladly share my Valentine's with my Mom.  This year she gave me a small gift bag with a card, an inspirational book, and a few candy and scented treats.  Do you think I left her hanging?  Absolutely not!

I had already purchased a gift basket about two weeks ago for Valentine's. The basket was filled by a member of an educational organization in which I am a member. That made it all the more special. Check out my video to see all the goodies my Mom and I shared (or will share).

So, how do you spend your Valentine's Day?