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Stay Tuned,

Break Time!

Hello, my dear readers:

Friday finally came - the last day of school (for now) and the beginning of my Easter vacation!  I stayed extra late after work yesterday to clean down my room, water the seedlings that have started sprouting and prepping for the lesson that will begin when I return from vacation.  My room smells so fresh and so on to do the same in my house!

So far this morning has been spent washing clothes, cleaning my own room, making tea, and getting started on my own garden experience.  A friend of mine and I are going to have lunch and attend a play at a local university this afternoon.

I have some scattered plans for my time away from work, but as we all know, sometimes those plans aren't executed exactly as you think they will be, so I'll wait to share those with you.  I bid you a temporary adieu so I can catch up on some serious rest & relaxation.

p.s.  Before I go, just wanted to share with you a tea link that shares how long certain teas should steep.  It even has an online counter.  You click on your tea of choice and steep it!