Oh, Ramen

So what is it about these...

that make me crave this?

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It has been one long time since I've had a craving for Ramen noodles.  When I was in undergrad, it was the thing to eat (or not!)  Even when I first started teaching it was not uncommon for me to have a couple packages of Cup of Soup in my desk drawer for that occasional quick lunch.  Then one day I read the label and realized how bad this stuff was and my love affair with the Ramen Noodles was over.  Just like that!

But then, some almost 20 years later from when I first tasted these noodles, I found myself surrounded by book after book and then that craving got so bad that I soon was driving to the corner store to grab a couple.  No, I did not use that whole packet of seasoning.  Who needs that much sodium ever?!?  But I did quench the taste for the noodles...and I finished my assignment.  :-)

On Pintrest, I've seen some grown up dishes for how to dress up these noodles in a much healthy outfit.  When I can catch my breath, I may try it if it seems important to me at the time.  In the mean time, I'll keep this photo to remember the day I gave in to the Ramen Noodle.  :-)

Happy Tuesday,

Bathroom Renovation Project: Tile it Up!

I feel like I can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my bathroom renovation project.  Because this project is basically a one-two person show, and this job is just one of many for the week, it is a bit of a slow process.  However, I am always overjoyed when I return home and see progress has been made.

The latest adventure has been the tiling process.  The floors were put down first, and let me say that I am in love with them!  I knew I wanted a floor that looked like wood since of course having a real wood bathroom floor isn't all that feasible.  In terms of cost, I had been advised by several people that you can change the look of your bathroom tremendously by investing in nice flooring, especially if working with a small space.  Then, even if you decide to purchase something high-end, you still don't spend a lot because the space is so small.  My tile isn't high-end or even a specialty tile, but it wasn't on sale.  There was the same tile on clearance that was a much lighter "wood", but I'm glad I just decided to get this instead.  And I have several boxes to return.  :-)

After I painted the bathroom, the contractor came behind me and applied putty on some places.  I finally took the time this week to repaint those areas.  It was more or less a mental break from everything else.  Perfect!  Now I still have to paint the inside of the closet, the closet shelves, the little half door to the closet, and finally the trim, oh yeah and tile the mirror I found, but at least the walls are done.

This week, the contractor decided to start on the tile in the bathtub area.  Today I found out he confessed that this part of the job is his least favorite.  Mom told him he should have done that first and gotten it out of the way.  lol  But alas, the time has come to tackle it.  I probably didn't make it any easier by requesting that the tiles be placed on their diagonals, but hey, that's what I like.

I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and project when he'll be done, but if all goes well, I would think he could finish the tile at the beginning of next week.  And, if I'm lucky, he'll finish up this whole project before he has to have his other cataract removed.  (He had one eye done the other week.)

In other news, the fire has been lit under my mom and she now wants to do her bathroom.  Problem is, she hasn't started dreaming in color yet.  I need to help her discover what she likes and make her own dream book.  That will make the process so much easier.  That, and the fact that she has spare bathrooms, unlike me.

How I Saved on Bathroom Fixtures

Two words - Habitat Restore!

Seriously, that is my "go-to" store for housewares, especially, and also for home improvement materials.

Check out this video below so you can see the top dollar bathroom fixtures I purchased for my bathroom renovation project.  And guess what?  I spent less than $70.  Say what?

Happy Wednesday,